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The Fantastic Story Society

Oct 11, 2019

In this second installment of The Fantastic Story Society, we welcome a new member to the group - Mike Huberty. Long-time ghost tour guide and veteran (he owns and operates tours throughout the Midwest, including one in Max Timm's hometown of Lake Geneva, WI), Mike joins co-hosts Max Timm and Scott Markus as they dive deep into some of the fantastic stories of Mike's ghost tour business. Mike also is a member of the oh-so-fun and popular band, Sunspot, writing and performing music that is inspired by legends, myths, and all things spooky weird.

Our favorite part of the show? When he tells the hosts the most famous ghost story of Lake Geneva, WI...and long-time resident, Max, never even knew about it! (Shows how much Max is up to speed on his hometown ghosts.)

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