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The Fantastic Story Society

May 8, 2020

One of our favorite people jumped into the virtual Society studio and talked all things story, spooky, cool, and inspiring - DJ MacHale! A New York Times bestseller, author, screenwriter, producer, director - he's basically done it all where story is concerned. He even read Max's YA fantasy novel, The WishKeeper, and gave it the best review yet. We kinda like this guy.

Famous for creating the 90's kids TV show (and one of Scott's favorite shows ever), "Are You Afraid of the Dark", DJ and team talk about what inspires him, why he gravitates toward the fantastical, and shares his own personal haunted house story. It's a fun listen, so snuggle up with a device and headphones, and get your listen on.

As for our Story Society, if you haven't already you can look for and find us on Twitter @FantasticGhosty, and we're always sharing stories, news, and more on our Facebook page at

Remember, there are stories everywhere, you just need to look for them...and when you find them, give a little knock on our door and you may just be welcomed into The Fantastic Story Society.