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The Fantastic Story Society

May 22, 2020

Jon Ronson has lived a life more exciting than one you'd think a writer could live.  He gotten up close and personal with the likes of self-appointed superheroes, countless psychopaths (both in prison and in the boardroom) Nazis, Islamic Extremists, and even the Insane Clown Posse.  He and a young Alex Jones infiltrated the mysterious Bohemian Grove Ceremony  and his attempt to do the same at the annual Bilderberg meeting lead to the slowest car chase since OJ fled the LAPD.  He's done all this while balancing his anxiety with masterful dry wit.  In this episode we discuss how Ronson identifies his next subjects and his goals for his writing while taking a look back at some of his biggest adventures.  Wonderfully tense music, "Deadlock," provided by